About us

Who we are?

Welcome to TINASOFT Vietnam. We are a software outsourcing company focus on mobile application development (Android/iOS), web design, hardware designing. Our tech stack includes Nodejs, Django, React, Flutter. We are confident in Javascript, Python, C/C#/C++, and last but not least, STM32 in hardware design. Besides, we also build IoT systems, Bigdata, coding classes for businesses.

Our Services

Mobile, Desktop applications

Web design

Coding classes, E-learning platform

Hardware design

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Our Vision

  “We want to build TINASOFT Vietnam into a big company in hardware and software outsourcing. Therefore, we are committed to bringing the best quality services under the motto “Trust – FRIENDLY – DELICIOUS” and will constantly strive and strive to become a reliable address for our partners. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

In which fields does Tinasoft operate?

Tinasoft operates in almost all the fields of information technology such as:

  • Design and develop software, mobile applications, website applications
  • Provides E-Learning platform
  • Coding classes, human training for business
  • Electronic circuit, hardware design

How many years of experience does Tinasoft have?

Tinasoft has over 5 years of experience in serving customers. With a team of experienced, Tinasoft is confident to bring the customer quality services as good as expected.

Who are Tinasoft's customers?

  • Anyone.
  • We support all, from small clients to large corporations.

What are the featured products of Tinasoft?

We have done some outstanding products that can be mentioned like 3-layer Security Gate System, Online Education System, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), and more.

How long does it take to finish a product?

Depending on the complexity of the product, it will have different completion times. With our team, we committed that your product will be finished before you asked.

How much does it cost to build a product?

Based on the analysis of product requirements, we will give you a price quotation included all the volume and progress of completion of the work. The cost of a product will be based on its features and complexity.

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